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863 / 5,000
I'm doing point commissions here:
Line art: 5 points
Flat Color-No Background: 10 points
Flat Color with Flat Background: 15 points
Shading and Highlights-No Background- :20 points
Shading and Highlights- with Fully Shaded Background- : 25 points
Night Scene- Fully Shaded Character and Background-: 30 points
An Extra Character: plus 10 points added to sum for every extra character.
Props: 5 points each.
Humans in Anime Style: plus 50 points added to sum because humans are hard.
30 sec to 1 minute(no background, no shading), lip syncing included: 100 points.
1 minute to 3 minutes(no background, no shading), lip syncing included: 300 points.
Actions other than lip syncing: 50 points for each different action added to sum.
Extra Characters: 30 points per extra character.
Props that are animated: 10 points per prop.
Backgrounds: 50 points added to sum for each different background.
Shading and Highlights: 20 points added to sum.
Must comment or note me on what you want- pay here as a donation.

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Different Types of Commissions
Villains by narutard277
Oakheart and Bluefur- *Should I go?* by narutard277
Reference of Sasha- Animations with ClawandFlame by narutard277
Line art: 5 points
Flat Color-No Background: 10 points
Flat Color with Flat Background: 15 points
Shading and Highlights-No Background- :20 points
Shading and Highlights- with Fully Shaded Background- : 25 points
Night Scene- Fully Shaded Character and Background-: 30 points
An Extra Character: plus 10 points added to sum for every extra character.
Props: 5 points each.
Humans in Anime Style: plus 50 points added to sum because humans are hard


MalCai--lentines by narutard277
I don't particularly care for Valentine's Day because I'm single (always), but I think these two are cute and this idea just came to me. And yes, I know it's a few days late, but I started it on Valentine's Day, so I'm keeping the name. I don't know how many skelts this should be, so I will ask the founders!

Malcolm (c) me
Zaccai (c) Frajin
MalcolmIntro by narutard277
+10 skelts

What can I say, Malcolm's not much of a talker, especially if he doesn't know you. Ask him to go somewhere or if you're stuck with him sometime, you might be able to see a different side of him. He does like carrots. 

P.S. First look at Mal's brother Marcus, even if only in a rough sketched out form. What do you think?

Malcolm and Marcus (c) me

Other characters (c) respective owners
Kavron- Wildfire-Tama
Tala and Chepi- RainningDoom
Tick and Marchetta-Chewtora
Zaccai- Frajin
Malcolm-in-Eden by narutard277
+ 7 skelts

I had most of this done quite a long time ago, but then the cord on my laptop broke and I was unable to work on anything or submit anything.

Not a full body image, not a head-shot, it has a background .... but not particularly complicated either.

Anyways, it's mah Malcolm

More influx of art to come.
MalcolmApp2 by narutard277

ID: 66


Name: Malcolm

Nickname: Mal

Status: Alive and Helathy

Main Effects/Side Effects: N/A

Gender: Male

Rank: Scrapper

Age: Approx 5 years

Breed: Pure-bred (Almost. 1/32 St. Bernard, but he doesn’t know.) Akita

Armor: His armor is metal and leather plated.

Orientation: Straight

Preferences: Looking for a mate who will work with him, but also have enough spirit to be a challenge. He’s quite a romantic when he finds the right dog.


Personality: Positive/Neutral/Negative

+Caring- Immensely fond of pups and younger dogs, he will do everything in his power to make sure their life is happier than his had been. He will provide advice, food, help- anything for these youngsters or the dogs that he calls “comrades”. With younger dogs or dogs who have gained his respect, he is less likely to be sexist, racist, or mean to them.


+Loyal- Anyone that he serves with in Eden can count on his help. Even if he doesn’t particularly like you, he believes in Eden’s cause. Anyone in Eden who needs his help in a dangerous situation knows that he will have their back. Don’t challenge his loyalty, he is extremely proud of it and will defend his honor if questioned.


+Brave- Malcolm will never back down in the face of a challenge. Even if faced with the dangerous infection, he won’t stand to lose honor by tucking tail and running away. If there is no possible alternative however, he knows when to retreat.


+Slow-to-Anger- The dogs under any temporary command of his appreciate this quality of him. They can get away with a lot before actually being reprimanded. Most dogs know what “too far” is, and know how to avoid it. He is a stickler for rules, even if he doesn’t care for being under a female’s authority. After reaching a certain point, though, his nickname meaning ‘bad’ kicks in and he will retaliate. There are always warning signs before reaching this point.


0Strict- He runs a tight ship. While being slow to anger, he still expects to be obeyed, no matter what his rank. He knows that discipline is necessary in training of anyone or anything- after that, not as badly needed.


0Quiet- Not many dogs will ever hear his voice after an exchange of a few words. He relies heavily on actions to convey his meanings- though he has been known to open up and talk for hours. It’s rare to catch him in this sentimental mood, however.


0Formal- If he makes an effort to speak to a dog, he guards his emotions, his thoughts, and his tongue. He keeps the conversation brief and minimalistic, using words that betray nothing of his inner emotions—unless he counts you among his friends. If you are an acquaintance, perhaps he will open himself up to you after you prove yourself to be trustworthy. Until that happens however, expect only small talk.


0Solitary- Malcolm tends to be of the mindset that his own company is preferable to anyone else’s. He finds that other dogs are too bothersome, or they make him question his ideals about the world. Only his friends can bring him out of solitude, and even they can have a hard time doing so when he “just needs time to think”.

-Sexist- Unfortunately, true. He believes that females are not as worthy as males for certain tasks. But he does give credit to the ones who earn his approval- he just thinks that females would be better off leaving the hard, dirty work to the males.


-Racist (Breeds) - Also true of his mentality. Let’s just say he believes pure-breeds are better than mixed-breeds, and that certain pure-breeds are better than others. Sad, considering he has 1/32 of St. Bernard in him, don’t you think?


-Sarcastic/Rebellious to Authority- His sharp tongue curbs annoying pups back into line. Most of the time, when he does talk, he is sarcastic and mistaken as cruel. While not exactly angry, his sarcasm does discipline effectively. He cannot stand to have females in charge of him- it bothers him to no end. He has been known to hash it out with his superiors, but he is well-respected enough that he is only reprimanded.


-Over-protective- When he finds someone he truly cares for, he is greatly unwilling to let them out of his sight. He stands by them constantly, fidgeting, worrying over them, and protecting them to the best of his ability. Mostly this is taken as negative because he becomes slightly obsessive about it. This quality appears in his personality because of what happened in his past.



       The proud parents watched their two pups from the entrance to the nursery. They were finally weaned, and Kya was going back to her job as a ward today. “Good bye sweetlings. I’ll see you when I get back from my assignment,” she called softly to her pups. Martin nudged her away from the nursery and nuzzled his mate’s ears.

    “They’ll be fine, dear.” She gave him a glance with those too blue eyes of hers that he loved so much and he chuckled. “C’mon.” The masks slipped on, and they went out into the wild wastes with the convoy. After the mission, the two adult akitas never were the same again.

    “Whatever you do, don’t panic.” It was a favorite saying of his father’s, but when Martin returned alone from the mission, the phrase didn’t help Marcus or Malcolm. It was a hard truth to tell the pups, that their mother would never be coming home again. Kya had been doing her duty as a ward, and the convoy was ambushed by infected. During the chaos, Martin was separated from his mate’s side. When the dust settled, Kya lay on her side, breathing heavily—the precious gas mask knocked loose from her muzzle and a deep gash tearing down her left foreleg. Martin had had to leave her behind. He couldn’t bear to look at his pups, they were so confused, so hurt. So he stayed away from the nursery and tried to forget about them.

    As the two grew up, now seemingly without any family other than each other, Malcolm noticed a change in his brother. Marcus would take their father Martin’s ideals about purebloods to a whole new level, using violence on all those he thought beneath him. Marcus would bully the other pups in the nursery behind the fur-mother’s backs, and Malcolm didn’t know what to do. Malcolm confronted Marcus about it, but got a sharp tap on the nose for it. It was then that Mal realized that Marcus was seeking attention. When he finally convinced the fur-mothers into bringing Martin to the nursery, Malcolm tried speaking to his father. Martin was uninterested in Marcus’s behavior. His father only seemed interested in knowing if Malcolm still believed that purebloods were better than any mixed breeds. With a stammered confirmation from Malcolm, the adult akita left the nursery, pausing only once to say, “You’d do good to take after your brother.”

    Malcolm and Marcus heard nothing more of their father for a long time. Malcolm knew he was around, but he wasn’t concerned with him. Not until the report made it back to the nursery that Martin had been attacked and killed in the Wastelands. The news shocked the pups to the core, they were only a month from being made into apprentices, and Marcus had already shared his dream with Malcolm that someday they’d both go out on a convoy mission with their father. Malcolm was sad about Martin, but he couldn’t help but feel a little relieved. Marcus was hysterical. It broke him, and made him even more violent than before. Marcus seemed to Malcolm to become a ticking time-bomb, ready to explode at the drop of a pin.

    Time passed and the brothers were made into apprentices. Marcus followed in their parents’ footsteps, while Malcolm chose to follow the path of a scrapper. Training under their respective masters seemed to take up a lot of time for each of the brothers, and Malcolm hardly saw Marcus anymore. He did hear things about him however, and the things he heard chilled his blood. Marcus had still managed to find the free time to practice his favorite pastime, torturing any dog that was not a pure-breed. Malcolm, frightened for his brother and his lifestyle, turned to the streets and met a messenger-dog named Anastasia, but she was a half-breed—a Greyhound-Dalmatian mix. He ignored this tiny detail, since both her parents were purebloods, and therefore she was only one step down on his scales. He explained to her about all his problems, believing her to be a friend, even if under his class, and she in turn took it up with her pureblood boyfriend Ceo, a poodle. Ceo was already a working dog, being two years old, and ran a small café that served up all sorts of different drinks to suit the tastes of Eden’s taskforce. Anastasia took Malcolm by Ceo’s café, introducing her friend to her boyfriend. Ceo saw something of himself in Malcolm, taking a liking to him, and agreed to try and talk to Marcus about changing his ideals.

    Ceo integrated himself into Marcus’s lifestyle when Marcus and Malcolm both graduated from apprentice-hood. Ceo was a pureblood, just like Marcus, and remarkably easy to talk to, laugh with, and just be around. Ceo knew there was a motive behind becoming friends with Marcus, and he began to speak of the acceptance of mixed breeds casually. Resisting at first, Marcus loosened up when Ceo introduced him to Anastasia. He had never before seen such a beautiful dog, even if she was a half-breed. Anastasia blushed and commented that she was flattered, and Marcus became smitten.

    Malcolm knew from how his brother spoke about Ana that he liked her, a lot. He also suspected that Marcus did not know that Ceo was Anastasia’s boyfriend, and that Ceo did not have the heart to tell him. The next day Malcolm and Marcus went to visit Ceo and Ana, and Marcus viewed the two touching noses. Realizing that he had been had, Marcus retaliated in a furious rage, spouting off curses about traitors and turncoats, charging straight for Ceo. Malcolm ran to protect the poodle, hoping that Anastasia would not be in the way of any of it. Instead of striking the poodle, Marcus struck his own brother, Malcolm. Fur flew, teeth were bared, ward vs. scrapper—neither got out of the fight unscathed. Marcus had scratched Malcolm’s left eye, leaving a thin trail of blood dripping down the eyelid onto his cheek. Malcolm had bitten the bridge of Marcus’s muzzle, three scratches slanting towards the right side of his face. The counsel decided it was time to intervene after all of the accusations brought against Marcus, especially after scarring his own brother. Marcus was exiled from Eden, confused, insane, and heart-broken. The scar across Malcolm’s eye partially blinded him- around the edges everything went fuzzy, and became a constant reminder to him of his brother’s exile.

    Anastasia went missing not long after that. She had been on an assignment, delivering a message to the outer regions of Eden, to one of the diggers, and she never returned. Malcolm tried to get the counsel to look into her disappearance, but since most of the diggers were known criminals anyway, they deemed that the messenger had taken the job at her own risk. Ceo and Malcolm went looking for her on their own, but they never were able to find anything of her. So Malcolm became stolid, silent, observing. His thoughts became increasingly more occupied with his job and his brother, wondering if Marcus could still be alive out there… He was perceived as “not caring” when really he was terrified that he might go mad as well. Malcolm refuses to speak about this fear with anyone but Ceo, for Anastasia still hasn’t returned, and the trail went cold long ago. He still wonders if maybe she ran away from him and his troubles, if she got hurt by those criminals, or if something worse had happened to her. So now when he gets attached, he doesn’t let go easily. He chafes under a female’s authority, but is responsible enough to obey direct orders. He will not follow “foolish” ones, however.


Fluffy Fur- His thick fur acts as a shield from most bites and scratches. However, where the fur is thinner he is more vulnerable. Thinner on his face, legs, paws, tail at tip.


Swift paws- Rather light on his paws, for a bigger dog. He loves to dash in and out, around his enemies almost playfully.


Hearing- Malcolm’s sense of hearing is astonishing. He can pick up on things said from a good ways away. Many dogs wonder why he didn’t go for the position of Operator.


Quick of Wit- He can think on his feet, allowing him to make split second decisions that are crucial while in the midst of battle. Before the battle starts however, he prefers to wait and see how things work out.



Size- His size can either be an advantage against bigger (and therefore slower) dogs or a hindrance against tight spaces and swifter, littler dogs.


Hesitation- He always pauses slightly before engaging in combat. Sometimes this is to his benefit, other times it causes an opening in his defense.



Eyesight- His eyes are not the best. Having been wounded previously in his left eye, he is partially blind around the edges.


Regret- He often regrets moves he has had to make; it drives him slightly insane at times.


Balance- He is a bit off balance, leaning to the right more than to the left. Therefore, he is a bit easier to push over than some other dogs.


Favors Offense- He prefers attack over defense. Often this leads him into sticky situations, causing trouble for his comrades.



Martin (Father, Dead) “…He taught me much of how he thought. I do not know if he was right.”

Kya (Mother, Dead) “I miss you… you were always the most gentle dog I knew.”

Marcus(Brother, Alive?-hopefully added to group later-) “*sigh* Big brother… you went insane. I cannot believe that it was really you or your fault that you did so.”

Ceo (Alive, -hopefully NPC-) “You became my brother when tragedy struck… I will never forget that, C.”

Anastasia(?) “Where are you? You were my friend…”

Zaccai (Alive) “You…make me nervous… I’m not sure how to feel about you, Cai. I just know happiness reentered my life when you found me.”

 RP Sample

He paused before the crest of the hill that would lead him back into Eden. Breathing in and out through his leather mask, the umber dog lowered his head to the ground and stared incredulously at the faint imprint of tracks before him. That faint scent, somehow his nose detected it over the leather that encased his head, terrified him. Infected, no doubt about it. But it was the tracks combined with the scent that chilled his blood to his core, an akita. For the tracks matched his very own, if taken in a more wobbling and confused path. He hardly dared to let himself imagine that this might be....No. Marcus was dead. Long dead. Buried safely within his past. Malcolm shook out his fur and raised his head, leaping over the tracks and bounding in a hurry back towards his home. His brother, already violent and insane, how much more horrible would he have been under the disease? Within the walls of Eden the terrible thoughts slipped into the recesses of Malcolm's mind and outside the walls.... two eyes burned bright in the wastes, waiting for the right moment to strike.




Likes: the color blue, the taste of carrots, hunting for undiscovered items, using his mind, observing others.


Dislikes: obnoxious dogs, the color red, having his honor question, being under a “lower’s” authority, obeying all stupid orders, rulebreakers (Contradictory)…


Theme Songs:

Overall- “Structure” by InnerPartySystem, “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons

Hardship- “I Will Not Bow” by Breaking Benjamin

Emotional- “Hurt” by Thousand Foot Krutch, “Steady As She Goes” by Sky Sailing

Loyalty- “Gold” by Owl City, “Young Volcanoes” by Fallout Boy

Battle- “The Phoenix” by Fallout Boy

Romantic- “Classic” by MKTO, “Feel Again” by OneRepublic

Don't freak out, it's not as bad as it sounds.

I've been overwhelmed lately with all my real life stuff going on and I haven't really had the time to be involved anymore here on DA. So I'm going to start cutting stuff down. I almost never roleplay in groups anymore (even though I wish TDE and DURP were up and running) so I'm not going to join ANY more RP-groups. In fact, I'm going to remove characters from groups I'm currently in so that I don't hurt anybody's feelings by almost never being on DA. And yeah, it's kinda lame, but I haven't been an active RP-er in a while so... Hey, with all the band stuff (preparing for Rose Parade 2015) and senior school stuff (Like SAT's and college applications) I really just don't have the time to try and make everyone happy(As in drawing RP art and actually RP-ing) as well as making myself happy (like...focusing back again on animation, including also drawing and writing fanfiction). I just need to do what I want to do, and I can't get super-involved in RP's anymore. It takes up a lot of time. Now I'm not saying I won't be up for the occasional RP with a friend, or that I will leave every group I'm in right now. All I'm trying to explain is I won't be RP-active anymore. And if that means dropping groups that require a posting every so often, then so be it. I don't want to hurt feelings and step on toes here, but I just don't think I can keep up. Sorry guys.

Now for fun-er topics. 

I have been in love with TMNT( look it up if you don't have the decency to know what it is) since I was little, and the new movie has just shown me the epic depths of the pairing known as Raphril <3 So expect to see some of that.

I need to draw comics... lions and dogs...and my own stuff....

Also Draimoine. And Zutara... Past the shipping, I also have ideas for more of 'regular' fanfictions. Fanfiction in my mind should always be paired with fanart, so you'll get a little of both (I hope) when I have some time (Might be a while for more in-depth stuff).

I want to animate again, using my own plot ideas but also doing the book "Firebringer"-the deer one- (Since I really didn't get that much love for Tailchaser's Song) And Warriors AMV's. I've had a few good ideas for a while now and it's time to get them down. I wouldn't mind returning to the Poke-verse either, so if you have any good ideas there, shoot me a note.

Summing it up, I know some of you will feel that this is no new news. I haven't been online as much anymore, so you just kinda figured, right? But for some it may come as a shock. I don't want you guys mad at me, I'm just letting you know what's up. Feel free to talk to me (but DA replies are broken right now for me...weird computer stuff...) I'm still here for you guys to talk with.

I always appreciate my friends



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R: Soot Journal Doll by Fluffy-RusCan

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